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Canine and Feline Formula (125 mg CBD*)


Equine Formula (500 mg CBD*)


A Boy and His Dog


 Harpo inspired our water soluble full spectrum CBD formulas. He is one of our Portuguese Water Dogs and he loves to play frisbee in the surf here in Venice Beach, California with his well trained frisbee thrower, our Hoof and Paws CBD co-founder. 

At about ten years old, Harpo began to show signs of soreness after his frisbee sessions in the sea. We tried the vet recommended chondroitin treatment with little sign of improvement. Then we tried a daily regimen of oral CBD oils and the positive results for Harpo were very obvious. 

Our research of CBD for dogs, cats and horses led us to the obvious conclusion, full spectrum water soluble CBD is the best natural solution for our animals. Our exhaustive research, development and consulting with pharmacists and veterinarians resulted in our water soluble formula made from certified hemp using nano emulsion technology and all natural food safe ingredients. The water soluble formula is faster acting and more bioavailable. In other words, up to five times more of the CBD we administer is absorbed by the body up to five times faster compared to CBD oil and tincture formulas.

Now we use our CBD formula for all our horses, dogs and cats daily and provide it in an easy to use and administer solution to our fellow animal lovers.

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France 

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